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Modification workflow


Modifications are only effective if you know how to use them and, more importantly, why you use them. Before you start creating visitor journeys with modifications:

To create and manage a modification across its life cycle:

  1. Plan what type of modification you want to create.

  2. Create, configure, preview, and activate the modification:

    1. Create the modification.

    2. Optionally, target the modification to specific visitor groups.

    3. Define the placement for the modification.

    4. Define the content for the modification.

    5. Optionally, define the schedule for the modification.

    6. Optionally, define advanced settings for the modification.

    7. Preview the modification.

    8. When you're done and the modification is ready for production, activate the modification.

  3. Update the modification as needed:

    1. Edit the modification.

    2. Rename the modification.

  4. When you no longer need the modification:

    1. Deactivate the modification.

    2. Optionally, remove the modification.

You can also create a new modification by duplicating an existing one, and you can edit multiple modification simultaneously.