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User Guides

The user guides help you develop and manage your site and monitor its performance using the Frosmo Control Panel. The guides also introduce practical use cases for working with the Control Panel.

Before starting with development, get familiar with the typical development workflow and how different Frosmo Platform features fit in it.


  • Planning visitor journeys walks you through the typical site development workflow with the Frosmo Platform.

  • Data tracking solutions allow you to track events and other data on your site:

    • Conversion definitions allow you to set up conversion tracking in the Frosmo Control Panel.

    • Custom actions allow you to track visitor actions and states that are not basic modification events, conversions, transactions, or product views.

  • Development guides show you how to develop and manage your site, improve its user experience, and create personalized visitor journeys using the Frosmo Platform:

    • Segmentation allows you to target specific subgroups of visitors with content that matches the interests and needs of those groups.

    • Placements determine where modifications are placed on your site.

    • Modifications are real-time changes to web pages designed to personalize or otherwise improve the user experience of your site and guide visitors to complete conversions.

    • Templates allow you to define web content once and then reuse that content across multiple modifications on your site.

    • Triggers allow you to detect particular events on a web page and take predefined actions based on those events.

    • Recommendations are dynamically generated content predicted to appeal to visitors.

    • Email recommendations allow you to show recommendations in emails.

    • Workspaces allow you to safely develop and test features in your production environment without affecting the live content of your site.

  • Search & Smart Discovery guides show you how to configure and manage search and discovery for your site in the Frosmo Control Panel.

    • Search guides show you how to configure and test Frosmo Search.

    • Smart Discovery guides show you how to create Smart Discoveries and view Smart Discovery data.

  • Integrations guides show you how to integrate your systems and services with the Frosmo Platform.

    • Frosmo Segments for Contentful allows you to attach segments to Contentful entries, which in turn allows the entries to be targeted to website visitors in the selected segments.
  • Testing tools help you test and debug your visitor journeys and the features used to build them:

    • Frosmo Preview allows you to preview and debug how the Frosmo Platform is working on your site.

    • Test mode allows you to show modifications only to certain visitors for testing purposes.

    • Testing data tracking shows you how to check whether data tracking is collecting the correct data and otherwise working as expected on a site.

    • Testing in incognito mode in Chrome shows you how to allow third-party data in incognito mode in Google Chrome, so that you can test sites that uses shared context.

  • Analytics allow you to monitor the performance of your site and the behavior of your visitors through statistics:

    • Affinity group statistics allow you to explore and study the visitor affinity groups the platform has generated for the site.

    • Business performance statistics allow you to monitor the Frosmo-generated value on your site.

    • Conversion statistics allow you to monitor the number of conversions driven by the platform and the revenue generated by those conversions.

    • Modification statistics allow you to track modification performance.

    • Product data and statistics allow you to view the products tracked for the site and study the performance statistics for those products.

    • Recommendation statistics allow you to monitor and compare the performance of recommendations on the site.

    • Search statistics allow you to view the most popular search terms on the site and the most common search terms that return no results.

    • Segment statistics allow you to monitor the number or visitors and converted visitors in segments, and the amount of revenue generated by visitors by segment.

    • Visitor explorer allows you to browse the visitors tracked for a site and view an individual visitor's interaction profile. You can also preview recommendation, search, and Smart Discovery results for a visitor.

    • Visitor statistics allow you to view visitor numbers and analyze visitor behavior.

  • Troubleshooting guides help you when something goes wrong:

    • Checking site status shows you how to check whether the Frosmo Platform is receiving data from a site, and whether the data tracking set up for the site is working as expected.

    • Checking user activity shows you how to view the configuration changes made by users to a site.

    • Common problems and solutions shows you how to solve the most common problems that you might run into when working with modifications and other features.

    • Console debugging with Frosmo Core shows you how to debug modifications and other features on your site by using Frosmo Core in the browser console.

  • Administration guides show you how to manage your personal settings, sites, and users in the Frosmo Control Panel:

    • Favorites allow you to select your favorite features and tools in the Frosmo Control Panel for a faster navigation experience.

    • Sites and users guide shows you how to create and manage sites and users.