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Feature: Conversion definition

A conversion definition describes a single conversion to be tracked on a website. Conversion definitions are an alternative to data layer events for setting up conversion tracking for a site. You create and manage conversion definitions in the Frosmo Control Panel.

Conversion definitions are based on triggers, which allow you to detect a particular event, such as a click, on a web page and take a predefined action based on that event. The trigger for a conversion definition, therefore, represents the visitor action (event) that you want to track as a conversion on the site.

Conversion tracking with a conversion definition works as follows:

  1. You create a trigger for the event that you want to track as a conversion.

  2. You create a conversion definition describing the conversion. You attach the trigger to the conversion definition.

  3. You activate the conversion definition. The platform starts tracking the conversion on the site.

  4. A visitor on the site performs an action that fires the trigger attached to the conversion definition.

  5. The platform registers the conversion. The conversion data is based on the conversion definition settings.

  6. The platform attributes the conversion to a modification based on the conversion attribution rules.

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