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Features overview

Learn about the main features of the Frosmo Platform.

  • Affinity allows you to track an individual visitor's interests and preferences (affinities) on a website and to personalize the visitor's user experience accordingly.

  • Affinity group is a group of visitors who share the same affinity. You can target modifications to specific affinity groups.

  • Conversion definition describes a single conversion to be tracked on a website. Conversion definitions are an alternative to data layer events for setting up conversion tracking for a site.

  • Custom action is any visitor action or state that you want to track on a website, and that is not a basic modification event, conversion, transaction, or product view.

  • Modification is a real-time change to a web page designed to personalize or otherwise improve the user experience of a website and guide visitors to complete a conversion.

  • Placement determines where a modification is placed on a website.

  • Recommendation is a piece of dynamically generated content predicted to appeal to visitors and delivered through a modification or an email.

  • Search is a search engine and a suite of search tools that allow you to set up a site search from scratch or replace your existing site search solution.

  • Segmentation is the process of grouping website visitors based on similar behavior, interests, location, and other shared characteristics. Segmentation allows you to target specific subgroups of visitors with content that matches the interests and needs of those groups.

  • Smart Discovery is a visual search solution that dynamically recommends visitors what to search.

  • Shared code is JavaScript that is automatically executed on every page load on a website.

  • Template defines a reusable piece of content for modifications, allowing you to define web content once and then reuse that content across multiple modifications.

  • Trigger allows you to detect a particular event on a web page and take a predefined action based on that event.

  • Workspace allows you to safely develop and test features in your production environment without affecting the live content of your website.

For instructions on how to use the features, see the corresponding user guides and developer guides.