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Product data and statistics

You can view the product data and statistics for a site in the Frosmo Control Panel.

To view product data and statistics:

  1. In the Control Panel, in the sidebar, select More > Products. The Control Panel displays a paginated list of all products tracked for the site.

    Viewing tracked products
  2. To filter the list, enter a search term in the search box. The Control Panel displays only products whose ID or name contains the search term (ignoring case).

    Filtering the products list
  3. To navigate the list, use the page controls.

    Navigating the products list
  4. To sort the list, click the sort control, and select the sorting premise. You can sort the list in ascending or descending order by product name or statistic. The default is in descending order by number of views.

    Sorting the products list
  5. To select the time range for which to display the statistics, click Day range, and select the time range. The default is 30 days. The time range is counted from the previous day backwards.

    Selecting the time range for the statistics
  6. To view the details of a product, click its name, ID, or type. The Control Panel displays the full product data for the product in a separate modal. The data is split between main product attributes and additional product attributes.

    Viewing the details of a product
    Viewing the details of a product
  7. Study the statistics:

    • Views: Total number of times visitors have viewed the product during the selected time range.

    • Conversions: Total number of conversions that have involved the product during the selected time range. The conversions include both transactions and non-purchase conversions.

    Studying product statistics