You can view the Smart Discovery data for a site in the Frosmo Control Panel.

To view the data:

  1. In the Control Panel, in the sidebar, select More > Smart Discovery. The Control Panel displays the Smart Discoveries generated for the site.

    The discoveries are grouped by page type. The suggestions in each discovery are sorted based on the popularity of the items involved. When displaying the discovery to a visitor on the site, the Frosmo Platform resorts the suggestions based on the visitor's affinities.

    Smart Discovery data

  2. View the data. Note the following information for each page type:

    • Attributes: Item attributes used for generating the Smart Discoveries for the page type.
    • Sorted by: Popularity metric by which the suggestions are sorted. The possible metrics are most converted and most viewed.
    • Max. number of suggestions: Maximum number of suggestions per Smart Discovery.
    • Min. number of items in a suggestion: Minimum number of items that a suggestion must contain to be included in a Smart Discovery.

    Smart Discovery page type information

  3. If you find any issues with the data and need the data to be regenerated, contact Frosmo support.

For more information about how the Frosmo Platform generates Smart Discoveries, see Feature: Smart Discovery.