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Duplicating a modification

You can duplicate a modification either in the modifications list or from the modification settings.

To duplicate a modification:

  1. In the Frosmo Control Panel, in the sidebar, select Modifications.

  2. In the modifications list, find the modification you want to duplicate.

  3. Duplicate the modification using one of the following options:

    • Click the quick menu button for the modification, and select Duplicate.

      Duplicating a modification from the modifications list
    • Click the modification name. In the Basic settings view, in the upper right corner, click the quick menu button, and select Duplicate.

      Duplicating a modification from the modification settings
  4. Define a name for the new modification. You can also change the modification case.

    Defining the name and case for the duplicate modification

    The case determines the number of variations the modification can have. If you're duplicating an A/B test or Multi-armed bandit modification with multiple variations, and you set the new case to Personalization or, if selective profiling is enabled for the site, to Non-personalized, you need to additionally select which variation from the original modification you want to keep for the duplicate.

    Defining the name, case, and variation for the duplicate modification
  5. To confirm, click Duplicate.

You can now edit the duplicate.


If you changed the modification case to Non-personalized, and if the modification is a recommendation, make sure that the strategy used in the modification does not use affinity-based sorting or algorithms that generate personalized results (such as a "by the visitor" algorithm). For more information, see Visitor profiling.