In calculating a visitor's affinity scores, the Frosmo Platform gives different weight to different types of interactions. For example, by default, a single transaction has more weight than a single view since transactions indicate greater engagement and therefore greater affinity than views. You can view and set the interaction weights for a site in the Frosmo Control Panel.

The interaction types available depend on the site's data tracking setup. For example, if the site does not track item list views, the platform does not use item list views in affinity calculation, and you therefore cannot set the weight for item list views.

To view and set the interaction weights for a site:

  1. In the Frosmo Control Panel, in the header, click your username, and select Company.
  2. In the companies and sites list, find the site whose interaction weights you want to view and set. To filter the list, start typing the company or site name in the search field.
  3. Click the quick menu button for the site, and select Edit affinity settings.

    Setting the interaction weights for a site

  4. In the Interaction weights section, view the current weights and, if needed, change them by dragging the sliders.

    You can set the weight of an interaction to any value between 0% and 100% at intervals of 5%. The greater the weight, the greater the relative impact that interactions of that type have on affinity scores. If you set the value to 0%, the platform will ignore interactions of that type when calculating affinity scores. If you change a weight from its original (currently saved) value, the Control Panel displays the original value in parentheses next to the new value.

    Interaction weights for a site

  5. In the Affinity score preview section, check and compare how the interaction weights you've set impact affinity scores for different visitor profiles.

    Select the visitor profile from the drop-down menu. Each profile represents a hypothetical visitor with four affinities. The four affinities are the same across profiles, but each profile has a unique interaction history that results in different affinity scores.

    Selecting the visitor profile for affinity score preview

    The preview updates automatically as you change the weights in the Interaction weights section. The Original affinity scores graph shows the affinity scores as calculated based on the currently saved interaction weights, while the New affinity scores graph shows the scores as calculated based on the interaction weights you've set in the Interaction weights section.

    Affinity score preview

  6. When you're done, click Save.

If you changed the interaction weights, the platform now uses the new weights when calculating affinity scores. For a returning visitor, the platform updates their affinity profile based on the new weights the next time the visitor performs an action that indicates affinity.