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Sites and users

This guide shows you how to create and manage sites and users in the Frosmo Control Panel.

User roles

The Frosmo Control Panel supports the following user roles:

  • Frosmo Developer

  • Frosmo PM

  • Frosmo User

  • User

The "Frosmo" roles are for Frosmo employees, while the "User" role is for employees of Frosmo's customers. The former are collectively called Frosmo users, and the latter are called company users. Frosmo users and company users can perform the same basic site and user management tasks, as documented in this guide. In addition, Frosmo users with the "Frosmo Developer" or "Frosmo PM" role can perform certain advanced tasks not available to the "Frosmo User" and "User" roles.

Scope of this guide

This guide is primarily intended for company users. If you are a Frosmo user, especially one with the "Frosmo Developer" or "Frosmo PM" role, see the internal documentation for information about the advanced tasks that you perform in the Frosmo Control Panel.

Site and user management

In the Frosmo Control Panel, you can:


Company users cannot create or manage companies. In addition, company users can only create and manage other company users. Company users cannot create or manage Frosmo users. Frosmo creates the necessary companies and starting users for each customer.