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Selecting and editing multiple modifications

You can perform the following actions on multiple modifications simultaneously:

  • Remove

  • Duplicate

  • Activate or deactivate

  • Enable or disable test mode

  • Edit the schedule

  • Edit the labels

  • View and download statistics

To manage multiple modifications simultaneously:

  1. In the Frosmo Control Panel, in the sidebar, select Modifications.

  2. Above the modifications list, click Select.

  3. Select the modifications you want to manage. A menu bar appears at the top of the page.

    Selecting multiple modifications
  4. In the menu bar:

    • To remove the selected modifications, select Remove, and click Remove.

    • To duplicate the selected modifications, select Duplicate, and click Duplicate.

    • To edit the selected modifications, click Edit, and select an option. You can activate or deactivate the modifications, enable or disable test mode for the modifications, or edit their schedules.

    • To manage the labels associated with the modifications, see Managing modification labels.

    • To view the statistics for the selected modifications, click Statistics, and select a time period. A table with the statistics opens.


      Total revenue is calculated from the individual item prices (rather than from the total purchase value) recorded in the transactions attributed to a modification.

    • To download a basic statistics report for the selected modifications:

      1. Click Statistics, and click Download report.

      2. Define a time period for the report, and click Download. A report file is generated and downloaded to your computer. The file is in the Microsoft Office Open XML Workbook (XLSX) format.