This guide introduces Frosmo Preview and shows you how to use it to preview and debug modifications.

What is Frosmo Preview?

Frosmo Preview is a web application that allows you to preview and debug modifications on your site during development. You use Frosmo Preview mainly to:

  • Preview how modifications look and behave in different placements on the page.
  • Check whether modifications are correctly rendered on the page, and whether displays, true displays, and clicks are correctly tracked for the modifications.
  • Set up the FProxy server for the site for previewing locally stored modification content. For more information, see Setting up the FProxy server in Frosmo Preview.

You can also view detailed information about modifications, placements, and events, and change your visitor settings.

Figure: Frosmo Preview

Supported browsers

The following table lists the browsers supported by Frosmo Preview.

Table: Browsers supported by Frosmo Preview

Google ChromeLatest version
Internet Explorer (IE)10 or newer
Microsoft EdgeLatest version
Mozilla FirefoxLatest version
OperaLatest version
SafariLatest version

Frosmo Preview and workspaces

You cannot use Frosmo Preview to preview or debug workspace modifications. While you can launch Frosmo Preview in workspace preview mode, Frosmo Preview only shows you production modifications in the Preview and Debug tabs. You can, however, preview production modifications in both production and workspace placements. For more information about workspaces and workspace preview mode, see Workspaces.

Setting up the FProxy server in Frosmo Preview

As a developer, if you're developing modification content in your local file system, and want to test the content in your browser before uploading it to the Frosmo back end, you need to use the FProxy server. Using the server involves starting the server application from the terminal and enabling the server for your site in Frosmo Preview.

For instructions on how to set up the server, see Starting and stopping the FProxy server.

For more information FProxy and how to develop modifications with it, see FProxy.

Where to go next

To use Frosmo Preview, you must first launch the application.

With Frosmo Preview, you can: