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Frosmo "Nome" 2023-03-06

The Nome release introduces Frosmo Search, recommendation statistics, and a redesigned Frosmo Control Panel dashboard.

Major changes

Frosmo Search (or simply "search") is a search engine and a suite of search tools for sites that run the Frosmo Platform. Frosmo Search allows you to set up a site search from scratch or replace your existing site search solution.

Frosmo Search consists of the following key components:

  • Search engine. Deliver fast, typo-tolerant search and discovery experiences to visitors.

  • Search management. Configure, test, and monitor how the search works for visitors on the site. The Frosmo Control Panel provides a dedicated management UI for the search.

  • Instant Search. Ready-made search box UI element for the site. The search box delivers an instant, search-as-you-type experience complemented by personalized recommendations and category suggestions.

  • Search API. Public API for running search queries and retrieving the search results. You can use the API to build the search results page and listing pages.

In Frosmo Search, a search operation consists of a text query against one or more text attributes (strings or string arrays) found in the items indexed for the site.

Instant Search on a site
Figure: Instant Search on a site

Frosmo Search implements a modern, robust site search with several advantages:

  • Improve search and discovery user experience. Instead of a traditional search box, which returns results only after a visitor has entered the full search term, Instant Search provides a modern search-as-you-type search box, which returns results instantly and dynamically as the visitor types in the search term. In addition, Instant Search makes the search experience pay off even before the visitor starts typing the search term by intelligently recommending items that the visitor might be interested in.

  • Reduce bounce rate while boosting conversion. Keep visitors on your site and drive them towards conversion by helping them to effortlessly connect with and discover items that are relevant to them in their current customer journey phase.

  • Use on any site. If your site does not have search, Frosmo Search provides a robust, ready-made site search that is integrated with the Frosmo Platform. If your site has an existing search solution, but the solution does not meet your needs, Frosmo Search offers a modern replacement based on cutting-edge technologies with advanced customization options and built-in support for Frosmo Platform features, such as data tracking and recommendations.


    To keep the search experience consistent across your site, it is recommended that you fully replace your existing site search with Frosmo Search. For example, use Frosmo Search both for the site search box and the search results page, so that you get matching results in both.

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Recommendation statistics

You can now view the statistics for strategy-based recommendations in the Frosmo Control Panel.

Use the statistics to:

  • Monitor the overall performance of recommendations on your site.

  • Quickly check the conversion rate and other key metrics for a recommendation.

  • Compare items in a recommendation to see how they are performing.

The statistics are based on performance data that the Frosmo Platform automatically tracks for recommendations.

Recommendation statistics in the Frosmo Control Panel
Figure: Recommendation statistics in the Frosmo Control Panel

For more information about the statistics, see Recommendation statistics.

Redesigned dashboard

The dashboard of the Frosmo Control Panel has been redesigned to provide more relevant information and a more intuitive user experience.


The new dashboard is currently only available for retail sites.

The new dashboard must be separately enabled for each site. If you want to start using the new dashboard, contact Frosmo support.

The dashboard now provides the following performance statistics for the site as a whole and separately for each page type for the selected time range:

  • Site:

    • Total revenue: Revenue generated by transactions tracked on the site.

    • Frosmo revenue based on clicks: Revenue generated by transactions that occurred after a visitor clicked a modification anywhere on the site. This is the total revenue generated by the Frosmo Platform.

    • Frosmo share of revenue: Percentage of the total revenue that was generated by the Frosmo Platform.

    • Personalization coverage: Percentage of visitors who saw Frosmo modifications. This is calculated based on true displays.

  • By page type:

    • Frosmo revenue based on clicks: Revenue generated by transactions that occurred after a visitor clicked a modification on a page of this type.

    • Share of all displays: Percentage of all true displays that occurred on pages of this type.

    • Active personalizations: Number of active modifications assigned to pages of this type.

To view the legacy dashboard, click the link for it at the bottom of the new dashboard.

Redesigned Frosmo Control Panel dashboard for retail sites
Figure: Redesigned Frosmo Control Panel dashboard for retail sites