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About this documentation

The getting started documentation is primarily intended for customers whose sites have a basic feature setup for the Frosmo Platform.

If your site has a custom setup, you will still find sections of the documentation useful.

What to read?

Learn about the basics of the Frosmo Platform

Introduction to the Frosmo Platform

Key features and concepts

Basic feature setup

Make sure your site is ready for a basic feature setup

Preparing your site for the Frosmo Platform

Learn about the Frosmo Control Panel

Logging in to the Frosmo Control Panel

Introduction to the Frosmo Control Panel

Develop your site's basic feature setup further on your own

Basic feature setup

Modifications overview

Creating personalized content

Preview and troubleshoot how the Frosmo Platform is working on your site

Previewing content and troubleshooting issues

Learn about integrating your systems and services with the Frosmo Platform

Setting up system and service integrations

Manage your own user account or create additional user accounts

Setting up user accounts