The Frosmo Platform is a web UI development solution for improving website functionality and personalizing online user experiences.

In a nutshell, the platform consists of the following main components:

  • Frosmo JavaScript library is the Frosmo presence in the front end. The library handles any modifications to the site, manages segmentation, collects usage data, and fetches content to display from the back end.
  • Frosmo back end stores the usage data collected by the Frosmo JavaScript library and processes the data for reporting and analysis purposes. The back end also stores operational data related to modifications, segments, and other configurable resources.
  • Frosmo Control Panel manages the Frosmo JavaScript library (and thereby how the site is modified and improved) and pools analytics data from the Frosmo back end.

Frosmo Platform architecture and information flows at a glance

Figure: Frosmo Platform architecture and information flows at a glance (click to enlarge)

For more information about the platform architecture, see Technical overview.

Frosmo JavaScript library

In the browser, the Frosmo Platform runs on two small but powerful pieces of JavaScript code. The first piece (frosmo.easy.js) contains the Frosmo Core library, which implements core functionality and services. The second piece is the Frosmo custom script (<site_origin>.js), which contains configurations and code specific to the site. Together, these two pieces make up the Frosmo JavaScript library, which integrates the site with the platform. The library is often referred to simply as the Frosmo scripts.

Example Frosmo scripts

Figure: Example Frosmo scripts

You only need to add these two scripts to your site to connect the site to the Frosmo Platform. The easiest way to add the scripts to a web page is to add them directly to the HTML code, but you can also use a tag manager. For more information about adding the scripts, see Adding the Frosmo scripts to your site.

For more information about the Frosmo JavaScript library, see Technical overview.

Frosmo Control Panel

The Frosmo Control Panel is the main user interface of the Frosmo Platform. You use it to customize and monitor your websites.

Frosmo Control Panel

Figure: Frosmo Control Panel

In a nutshell, the Control Panel allows you to:

  • Configure how the platform modifies content and segments visitors on a site.
  • Monitor how well the modifications and segmentation perform on the site.
  • Create and manage the user accounts for your company.

The Control Panel manages the Frosmo JavaScript library and thereby how a site is modified. Changes made to the site in the Control Panel are automatically reflected in the custom script for that site.

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