The Frosmo Control Panel is the user interface you use to access the Frosmo Platform and its features. You can use the Control Panel to, for example:

  • Create and manage visitor segments.
  • Implement A/B testing.
  • Manage user accounts and site settings.
  • Modify site functionality and content.
  • View analytics data for conversions, modifications, segmentation, and other components.

The user guides help you configure and customize your site and monitor its performance using the Control Panel. The guides also introduce practical use cases for working with the Control Panel.


Version history

VersionPublication dateDescription
3.112019-04-08Added Planning visitor journeys.
3.102019-03-11Updated Tracking custom actions.
3.92019-01-09Site maintenance updates.
3.82018-11-05Updated Publishing a workspace.
3.72018-11-01Updated Testing modifications with test mode.
3.62018-10-04Updated Creating and managing sites.
3.52018-09-13Removed the Downloads page and the standalone PDFs.

Added Conversion definitions.

Updated Modifications.

Updated Introduction to workspaces.


Added Workspaces.

Added Sites and users.

3.22018-04-25Updated Error tracking.
3.12018-04-09Updated Testing modifications with the Preview Tool.

Added Analyzing modification performance.

Added Using templates.

Added Error tracking.

2.02018-01-10Added Conversion tracking and attribution.
1.32017-12-18Updated Triggers.
1.22017-11-28Added Custom actions.
1.12017-10-23Moved the standalone PDFs from the front page to the Downloads page.
1.02017-08-17First public version of this documentation.
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