The Frosmo Platform is a solution for improving website functionality and personalizing user experiences. You can use the platform for:

  • Data-driven, continuous front-end development
  • User experience optimization through personalized visitor journeys
  • Making predictions based on data combined from different sources using machine learning algorithms

For more information about the platform and its components, see Introduction to the Frosmo Platform.

To get started with the platform:

  1. Set up the Frosmo Platform for your site.

    Learn how to add the Frosmo scripts to your site depending on your site structure.

  2. Configure your user accounts.

    Learn how to create and manage user accounts, and how to configure your site in the Frosmo Control Panel.

  3. Set up data tracking.

    Learn how to set up conversion and other types of data tracking on your site.

  4. Set up integrations.

    Learn how you can integrate the Frosmo Platform with your analytics tools, marketing automation systems, and data management platforms.

  5. Get started with development.

    Learn how to create your very first segment, placement, and modification.

Version history

VersionPublication dateDescription
2.62020-07-31Updated Setting up data tracking.
2.52020-05-22Updated Setting up the Frosmo Platform for your site and Setting up data tracking.
2.42019-12-19Added Creating your first trigger.

Updated the following topics:


Updated the following topics:

2.12019-05-06Site maintenance updates.

Added the following new topics:

Updated Introduction to the Frosmo Platform.

Removed the following topics:

  • Adding the Frosmo scripts to your site
  • Basic concepts
  • How to improve your web UI with Frosmo
  • Setting up user accounts in the Frosmo Control Panel
  • Getting started with the Frosmo Platform
1.42019-01-09Site maintenance updates.
1.32018-09-13Removed the Downloads page and the standalone PDFs.

Updated Setting up user accounts in the Frosmo Control Panel.

Updated Creating your first segment, Creating your first placement, and Creating your first modification.


Restructured and consolidated the documentation for better usability.

Moved the standalone PDFs from the front page to the Downloads page.

1.02017-08-21First public version of this documentation.