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The Frosmo Platform is an AI-driven personalization and recommendation engine for improving website functionality and personalizing online user experiences. Frosmo Documentation helps you to get to know the platform and shows you how to use it to achieve your business goals.

Getting Started

Get a brief introduction to the Frosmo Platform, learn how to prepare your site for integration with the platform, and get started with developing your site.

Platform & Features

Learn how the Frosmo Platform and its main features work, what data the platform collects and stores from websites, and how the platform processes, uses, and secures the data.

User Guides

Learn how to develop and manage your site and monitor its performance using the Frosmo Control Panel.

Developer Guides

Learn how to use the public APIs, developer tools, and other developer features of the Frosmo Platform.


Stay up to date about the changes in the Frosmo Platform.


The world of the web in general and the Frosmo world in particular are riddled with specialized terminology. If you want to know what a term means, or if you just want to make sure a term means what you think it does, have a look here:

Frosmo Glossary

Current Frosmo Platform main release

Old Harbor

Read the release notes

Released: 2023-05-15