2016-10-03 at 08:00 (admin.inpref.com)

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The Lynwood release contains three major changes, namely in the UI, as well as a few improvements and bug fixes.

Major changes

New site overview page

The site overview page of the Frosmo Administration Panel has been redesigned to provide a clearer and more focused summary of key information. The page now consists of:

You can select the time period, either a given month or the last 30 days, for which the information is shown. The detailed summary information is only available when you select a month.

The following figure shows the summary statistics and conversion rate charts in a monthly view.

New site overview page

New modifications overview page

The modifications overview page of the Frosmo Administration Panel (Modifications > Overview) has been redesigned for improved usability. The new page provides mostly the same information and features as the old page, but through a more accessible and concise UI.

New modifications overview page

Redesigned segmentation and new segmentation management page

This release introduces a new segmentation management page to the Frosmo Administration Panel. The new page, if enabled, replaces the old Segments and Segment Groups pages with a single page for managing segmentation, accessible from Data Management > Segmentation > Segments.

The new page is disabled by default, meaning you manage segmentation normally through the old pages. For more information about enabling and transitioning to the new page, contact your Frosmo representative.

The UI for managing segmentation has been redesigned for improved usability. In addition, the underlying logic for managing segmentation has been improved with new and simplified rules and features, available only through the new page. Here are some of the highlights:

The following figures show the new segmentation management page and the new segment creation UI.

New segmentation management page

New segment creation UI


Bug fixes