Before you install the Frosmo Segments for Contentful app, make sure you have the following information available:

To install and configure Frosmo Segments for Contentful:

  1. Log in to the Contentful web app.
  2. In the top navigation menu, select Apps > Manage apps.
  3. In the Available section, find and click the Frosmo Segments app.
  4. Click Authorize access.
  5. Define the following app settings:

    Frosmo Segments for Contentful configuration

  6. Optionally, in the Convert fields into Frosmo segment selectors section, select the fields that you want to turn into Frosmo segment selectors. The section lists all applicable fields ("Short text, list") from all existing content types. Installing the app automatically sets each selected field to use the segment selector UI widget for its appearance.

    Convert fields into Frosmo segment selectors

    You can also convert the fields later by either revisiting the app configuration or directly editing the content types.

  7. Click Install. The app installs.

You've installed and configured Frosmo Segments for Contentful. You can now use the segments from your site in Contentful: