The Kodiak release introduces recommendation strategies.

For the Frosmo Platform component versions in this release, see the changelog.

Major changes

Recommendation strategies

Recommendation strategies replace recommendation configurations as the standard method of defining the logic and settings for generating recommendations in the Frosmo Platform. You create and manage strategies in the Frosmo Control Panel.

Recommendation strategy in the Control Panel

Figure: Recommendation strategy in the Control Panel (click to enlarge)

A strategy consists of:


Strategies improve on configurations in the following ways:

Strategies also support a strategy selector widget that you can use in a template. Any modification variation that uses the template will include a strategy selector as a content option in the Control Panel.

Getting started

Using strategies on a site requires some setup on Frosmo's part. If you don't already have strategies available on your site, and would like to start using them, contact Frosmo support, and we'll see about setting up the feature for you.

Learn more

For more information about strategies, see Feature: Recommendation strategy.

For more information about recommendations at large, see Feature: Recommendation.

For practical examples of using strategies, see Recommendation examples.


In the Control Panel:

Bug fixes

In the Control Panel:

In the Frosmo Preview: