The following steps describe the full workflow for creating from scratch a recommendation that uses a recommendation configuration.

If possible, use recommendation strategies instead of recommendation configurations when creating recommendations.

To create a recommendation with a recommendation configuration:

  1. Create the recommendation configuration.
  2. Optionally, create a template for the recommendation. In the template, fetch the recommendation data using the Recommendations API.
  3. Create a modification for the recommendation, and set up the modification:
  4. Test the recommendation. If you're not in a workspace, use variation preview or test mode.
  5. Publish the recommendation. You do this by activating the modification (or, if the modification is already active but in test mode, by disabling test mode for the modification).

The recommendation is now live on the site. You can freely edit the different components to improve or otherwise change how the recommendation works.

For a practical example of the above workflow, see Example: Recommending products purchased together (configuration).