The Iron Creek release introduces three major new features to the Frosmo Control Panel: email recommendations, shared code, and the site status page.

For the Frosmo Platform component versions in this release, see the changelog.

Major changes

Email recommendations

Email recommendations allow you to extend the use of the Frosmo Platform beyond your website. You can use product data collected from your site to recommend the most popular products in a marketing email. You can include email recommendations to any type of email you send to your customers. Here are some common examples:

Technically, an email recommendation is a piece of HTML code created from recommendation data. You create the code in the Control Panel and paste it to an email template. You can also define which information to display about the products, and what the recommendations look like.

Email recommendation displaying three products

Figure: Email recommendation displaying three products

For more information about email recommendations and how to create them, see the email recommendations user guide.

Shared code

Shared code allows you to write JavaScript that is automatically executed on every page load.

You can use shared code on a site to, for example:

Unlike modifications, shared code does not use placements, but you can still limit on which pages and when shared code is executed by using triggers.

Shared code on a site

Figure: Shared code on a site

For more information about shared code and how to create it, see the shared code developer guide.

Site status

The Status page allows you to check at a glance whether the Frosmo Platform is receiving data from your site, and whether the data tracking set up for your site is working as expected.

The page shows the status of the following data coming from the site:

Depending on the status, the page provides you with different options for moving forward:

To open the Status page in the Control Panel, select Setup > Status.

Viewing site status in the Control Panel

Figure: Viewing site status in the Control Panel

For more information about using the Status page, see Checking site status.


In the Control Panel:

Bug fixes

In the Control Panel:

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