This example shows you how to create a simple banner placement that is valid for all pages on the site. The placement is for a hero banner at the top of the page header. The example therefore assumes a common header element with the ID header on each page. Your site likely has a different page architecture, so use whatever element best fits a hero banner.

For more information about placement settings and how to manage placements, see Placements.

To create the placement:

  1. In the Frosmo Control Panel, select Modifications > Placements.
  2. Click Create placement.
  3. Define the following settings:

    The target element and display method together place the modification as the first piece of content within the header element.

    Creating a placement
  4. Click Save.

You have created the placement. You can now assign modifications to this placement.

For more information about placement settings, see Creating placements. For more information about how to use the placement in a modification, see Creating your first modification.