For the Product API to work on a site, the recommendation feature must be enabled for the site. To enable the feature, if it's not already enabled, contact Frosmo support.

The Product API allows you to retrieve product data from the Frosmo back end. You can retrieve the full data for one or more products based on product IDs. To get the IDs, use the Graniitti API.

For an introduction to recommendations, seeĀ Feature: Recommendation.

Product API vs. Graniitti API

You can retrieve product data through both the Product API and the Graniitti API. Here's how the two APIs differ:

In a nutshell:

For more information about the Graniitti API, see the Graniitti API guide.

Product API vs. Frosmo data layer

The Product API returns the exact same product data you send to the Frosmo back end through the Frosmo data layer. However, the product object properties and structure differ between the data layer and the API:

For more information about the data layer and its product object model, see Frosmo data layer and Tracking products with the data layer.