2018-03-19 at 08:30 (admin.inpref.com)

The Big Delta release contains several new features as well as some smaller improvements.

Major changes

The Big Delta release contains the following new features:

Advanced tracking

The advanced tracking feature extends the basic tracking functionality of the Frosmo Platform by allowing you to send additional tracking data, custom events, from a site to the Frosmo back end.

A custom event can be about anything that you can do with or change in a modification. The platform calculates statistics for custom events, and you can access the statistics through the Frosmo Control Panel.

You enable advanced tracking for a site in the Control Panel.

For more information about implementing advanced tracking, see Tracking custom events with advanced tracking. For more information about viewing and interpreting modification statistics, including advanced tracking statistics, see Modification statistics.

Error tracking

The error tracking functionality of the Frosmo Control Panel allows you to track and troubleshoot errors on your sites. You can:

When you're monitoring one or more sites, and if there alerts on the sites, you will see a warning icon in the upper right corner of the Control Panel. The icon represents the combined number of active critical alerts and warnings from all your monitored sites.

Modification templates

Modification templates allow you to define the UI code for a modification once and then automatically reuse that code in other modifications. Frosmo supports mustache.js templates.

There are many benefits to using templates:

You enable modification templates for your site in the Control Panel.

For more information, see Feature: Template.

Power search

The Control Panel now boasts a new, powerful search tool. The tool allows you to search basically anything and everything you can access in the Control Panel, including:

To use the tool, click the search icon () in the upper right corner of any view in the Control Panel (you can also use the Ctrl+Space shortcut). Enter text in the search field, and you will immediately see a list of search results.

Figure: Search results

The search returns 50 results per result type (for example, modifications, placements, or sites) at the most. You can click a search result to access it directly.