Release date

2016-05-31 at 08:00 (

The Glendale release merges messages and quick messages into modifications. The release also contains several other major changes, improvements, and bug fixes.

Major changes

Basic modifications and cached modifications

Merging messages and quick messages into modifications includes multiple changes in the Frosmo Administration Panel:

  • Old messages and quick messages are combined into modifications. Messages are now called basic modifications and quick messages are called cached modifications.
  • You select the modification type when creating a modification. You cannot change the type after creating the modification.
  • The basic modification UIs (such as the Analytics, Content, and Display Options tabs) are the same for every modification type.
  • Cached modifications function as follows:
    • Cached modifications support variations (formerly revisions).
    • The existing restrictions on display options still apply to cached modifications. In other words, the following display options are not available for a cached modification:

      • Advanced time settings
      • Segments
      • Target groups
      • Target group combination
      • States
      • Weight
      • Display delay
      • Display interval
      • Max. displays per visitor
      • Max. displays per all visitors
      • Visitor session sources

      Display options that do not apply to cached modifications are disabled but visible.

  • Placements have been enhanced as follows:
    • URL matchers support the entire URL as well as each URL section (protocol, domain, path, query string, and fragment identifier).
    • An optional trigger can be specified for each placement. This means that triggers can also be used with basic modifications to determine when the message is actually displayed.
    • Placements for existing messages still remain in the UI. However, they can no longer be edited.
    • Existing quick messages are converted to cached modifications. This means that the position and trigger combinations used for these quick messages are converted to new placements.

Other major changes

  • The new Message API is implemented for all customers.
  • The Transaction API is used as the default for all new customers.
  • Cached modifications are supported for all customers. This requires an extra cookie.
  • Decile selection is supported for basic modifications. However, deciles can no longer be used in segment combinations. Existing modifications containing deciles in the Segment combinations field still work, but the decile selection must be moved to the Deciles selector when editing the Display Options of these modifications.
  • Modification weighting is supported for all customers.
  • The Frosmo Preview Tool no longer supports IE9.


  • Frosmo Administration Panel:
    • Modifications > Overview: The Display per month filter is removed.
    • Modifications > Overview > Modification > Content: Hidden revisions are now referred to as tracking variations. They can be used to track conversions on the original content (with no modification).
    • Modifications > Overview > Modification > Content: In creating a content variation, the comparison group is taken into account when setting the variation distribution. You immediately see the percentage of visitors that will be exposed to a specific variation.
    • The Conversion type and Product type drop-down menus on all pages containing conversion or product-related data (several analytics and statistics views) only show the conversion or product types that are valid. Validity means that there has been at least one conversion during the selected time period.
  • The Frosmo Platform now supports the following additional currencies:
    • Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
    • Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)
    • South Korean Won (KRW)
    • Singapore Dollar (SGD)
  • Error detection in the Easy Core library has been significantly enhanced.

Bug fixes

  • Frosmo Administration Panel, Statistics: The conversions, traffic, retention, and sources statistic charts now load smoothly in IE11.