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The developer guides show you how to use the public APIs, developer tools, and other developer features of the Frosmo Platform. These allow you to go beyond the Frosmo Control Panel when developing your Frosmo-enabled site, and to create your own client applications for interacting with the Frosmo Platform.

  • APIs for interacting with the Frosmo Platform:

    • Graniitti API provides access to the data in the Frosmo back end. You can use the API to retrieve, create, update, and delete data for your company.
    • Product API allows you to retrieve product data from the Frosmo back end.
    • Recommendations API allows you to retrieve recommendation data from the Frosmo back end.
  • Data tracking solutions for your site:

    • Custom event tracking extends the basic tracking functionality of the Frosmo Platform by allowing you to track modifications beyond clicks, displays, and true displays.
    • Frosmo data layer is a global JavaScript array that allows you to send data from a web page to the Frosmo back end. Use the data layer to collect product and visitor data by tracking conversions and transactions, custom actions, and products.
  • Recommendations allow you to dynamically create personalized content for visitors.

  • Tools for developing in the Frosmo Platform:

    • FProxy is a desktop application and a web proxy that allows you to develop and test modification content locally on your computer, outside the Frosmo Control Panel.
    • Frosmo Debugger is a web application that allows you to preview and debug modifications on your site during development. The Frosmo Debugger is an advanced version of the Preview Tool.

Version history

VersionPublication dateDescription

Restructured and updated the data layer guide:

Updated the Graniitti API changelog for API version 0.42.2.


Updated the Frosmo Recommendations documentation:

Updated the following API documentation:

5.42019-01-18Added Example: Recommending products purchased together.
5.32019-01-11Updated the Graniitti API changelog for API version 0.42.1.
5.22019-01-09Site maintenance updates.

Updated the Graniitti API guide:


Added the following new topics on the Frosmo Recommendations feature:


Restructured and consolidated the documentation for better usability by grouping the guides under the following new main topics:

3.52018-11-28Updated the Graniitti API changelog for API versions 0.41.5 and 0.42.0.
3.42018-10-15Updated the Graniitti API changelog for API version 0.41.4.

Updated Frosmo data layer.

Updated the Graniitti API guide:


Updated Custom event tracking.

Removed the Downloads page and the standalone PDFs.

3.12018-09-05Updated the Graniitti API changelog for API versions 0.41.1 and 0.41.2.

Added FProxy.

Added Frosmo Debugger.

Added Graniitti API.

2.02018-03-14Added Custom event tracking.
1.22017-11-29Updated Frosmo data layer.
1.12017-10-23Moved the standalone PDFs from the front page to the Downloads page.
1.02017-08-17First public version of this documentation.