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2018-12-03 at 08:30 (

The Funny River release introduces the Frosmo Recommendations feature, which you can get as an add-on to the Frosmo Control Panel. The Enterprise plan includes the add-on by default. To get the add-on for other plans, contact your Frosmo representative or

Frosmo Recommendations is currently available only to Frosmo's European customers whose sites use Frosmo's European main server ( or Finnish server (

Major changes

Frosmo Recommendations

Frosmo Recommendations is an end-to-end solution for generating recommendations in the Frosmo Platform. You first define what recommendation to generate in the FCP, and then retrieve and display the generated recommendation data in a modification on your site. Frosmo Recommendations generates the recommendation based on usage data collected from the site and using an algorithm that produces relevant results from that data.

Frosmo Recommendations in the Frosmo Platform

Figure: Frosmo Recommendations in the Frosmo Platform

You can generate the following types of recommendations:

  • Most viewed products. Products that have received the most views.
  • Most purchased products. Products that have been purchased the most or that have otherwise received the most conversions.
  • Products viewed together. Visitors who viewed product A also viewed products B, C, and so on.
  • Products purchased together. Visitors who purchased (or otherwise converted with) product A also purchased products B, C, and so on.
  • Products viewed and purchased together. Visitors who viewed and purchased (or otherwise converted with) product A also viewed and purchased products B, C, and so on.

Frosmo Recommendations can be used to generate recommendations from any data collected from a site. However, the feature currently provides built-in support only for product recommendations. If you want to create other types of recommendations, contact your Frosmo representative.

For working with recommendations, Funny River also introduces the following new public APIs:

  • Product API for retrieving product data from the Frosmo back end
  • Recommendations API for retrieving recommendation data from the Frosmo back end

For more information about Frosmo Recommendations and the new APIs, see:


  • Workspaces > Overview > Create new workspace: Pressing ENTER in the Name field now creates the new workspace, provided the field is not empty. Previously, pressing ENTER simply closed the popup.

    Creating a new workspace

  • Utilities > Frosmo APIs: The Frosmo APIs page replaces the Graniitti API page. The new page provides request URLs and other basic details for using the Graniitti API, Product API, and Recommendations API.

    New Frosmo APIs page

    The Product API, Recommendations API, and Site origin sections are only shown on the page if you have the Frosmo Recommendations add-on enabled.