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You have probably invested a lot in your marketing automation system. The Frosmo Platform can help you to make the most of your system by gathering and processing segmentation and visitor data for it. You can then use the data to target your marketing efforts to the appropriate audiences. You can set up integrations with, for example, ad platforms and email services.

Online advertising platform integrations

Integrations between Frosmo Platform and online advertising platforms ("ad platforms" in short), such as Adform or Google AdWords, are mostly done for retargeting purposes. This means that visitor data gathered by the Frosmo Platform is used to serve targeted online advertising to visitors.

By using the Frosmo Platform, you can work around some of the limitations of the ad platforms. For example, some ad services cannot read data from dynamic websites. When a visitor comes to your site and views specific product pages, such as phone accessories, you can use the Frosmo Platform to segment them based on their actions and include them in a relevant target group. The Frosmo Platform then converts this segmentation data into a third-party cookie, which conveys the data to the ad platform. However, Frosmo does not provide the actual content of the ad.

The Frosmo Platform can integrate with, for example, the following ad platforms:


Email integrations

There are several ways to implement email integrations in the Frosmo Platform. They are mainly used so that the Frosmo Platform sends visitor data or product data from your website to an emailing service, which then automatically sends a retargeting email.