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You can set up a basic Google Analytics integration through the Frosmo Control Panel. The integration triggers Google Analytics events with an event category and label names that can be specified , which define in the Control Panel. This enables tracking allows Google Analytics to track displays, true displays, and clicks for Frosmo modifications. You must only define the tracking ID and events to be tracked.


  1. In the Control Panel, select Data Management > Integrations > Google Analytics.
  2. Enter your Google Analytics tracking ID. The tracking ID must be included in your tracking code so that Google Analytics knows to which account and property the user data is related.

    For more information about setting up tracking in Google Analytics, see Set up Analytics tracking with gtag.js in the Analytics global site tag at Google Analytics Help.

  3. For a basic integration, keep the Event category as "Frosmo".
  4. Select the events you want to track, and optionally edit the event labels.
  5. Click Update Save.

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Figure: Implementing a basic Google Analytics integration

The Frosmo Platform now tracks sends the selected events and sends the data to Google Analytics when whenever an event occurs.

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