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Before you proceed, make sure you're familiar with the following getting started topics:

For the examples, see:

  • Adding a recommendation to a new page

    Learn how to display an existing recommendation on a new page. You create a placement for the new page, duplicate a recommendation modification, and assign the new modification to the new placement.

  • Adding filters to a recommendation

    Learn how to use filters to refine the results of an existing recommendation. You duplicate a recommendation strategy, add one filter to the new strategy, and set an existing recommendation modification to use the new strategy.

  • Creating and testing two recommendation variants

    Learn how to test two competing recommendation strategies in the same modification. You create two recommendation strategies and an A/B test modification with two variations, and use the strategies in the variations.

  • Targeting content to specific visitor segments

    Learn how to target a recommendation to a specific group of visitors. You create a segment for the group of visitors you want to target, and assign a non-segmented recommendation modification to the new segment.