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The Frosmo Control Panel is the main user interface of the Frosmo Platform. You use the Control Panel to customize your websites and monitor their performance.


  • Configure how and for whom the platform modifies the content and user experience of a site.
  • Configure how the platform segments visitors on the a site.
  • Monitor how well the modifications and segmentation perform on the a site.
  • Create and manage the user accounts for your company or organization.

The Under the hood, the Control Panel manages the Frosmo JavaScript library and thereby how a site is modified. Changes made to the a site in the Control Panel are automatically reflected in the custom script for that site.

For information about logging in to the Control Panel, see .Logging in to the Frosmo Control Panel v4.0.

User interface overview

The following figure shows the Frosmo Control Panel user interface with key controls and navigation elements highlighted. For more information about each element, see the legend below the figure.


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