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Before starting with development, get familiar with the typical development workflow and how different Frosmo Platform features fit in it. For more information, see .Planning visitor journeys v11.0.

  • .Data tracking v11.0 solutions allow you to track events and other data on your site:

    • .Conversion definitions v11.0 allow you to set up conversion tracking in the Frosmo Control Panel.
    • .Custom actions v11.0 allow you to track visitor actions and states that are not basic modification events, conversions, transactions, or product views.
  • .Development v11.0 guides show you how to develop and manage your site, improve its user experience, and create personalized visitor journeys using the Frosmo Platform:

    • .Segmentation v11.0 allows you to target specific subgroups of visitors with content that matches the interests and needs of those groups.
    • .Placements v11.0 determine where modifications are placed on your site.
    • .Modifications v11.0 are real-time changes to web pages designed to personalize or otherwise improve the user experience of your site and guide visitors to complete conversions.
    • .Templates v11.0 allow you to define web content once and then reuse that content across multiple modifications on your site.
    • .Triggers v11.0 allow you to detect particular events on a web page and take predefined actions based on those events.
    • .Recommendations v11.0 are dynamically generated content predicted to appeal to visitors.
    • .Email recommendations v11.0 allow you to show recommendations in emails.
    • .Workspaces v11.0 allow you to safely develop and test features in your production environment without affecting the live content of your site.
  • .Testing v11.4 tools help you test and debug your visitor journeys and the features used to build them:

  • .Analytics v10.0 allow you to monitor the performance of your site through statistics:

  • .Troubleshooting v11.3 guides help you when something goes wrong:

  • .Administration v10.0 instructions help you configure your site and manage users:


VersionPublication dateDescription

Added .Testing data tracking v11.4.

Updated .Activating and deactivating a conversion definition v11.4.

Updated .Checking site status v11.4.


Added .Checking user activity v11.3.

Updated the recommendations guide:

11.22021-11-01Updated .Checking site status v11.4.
11.12021-10-11Updated .Creating and editing a recommendation strategy v11.3.
11.02021-08-17Moved feature introductions to Platform & Features, and restructured the guides to reflect the move.
10.02021-07-12Restructured and updated the data tracking and basic modification statistics documentation to reflect similar updates elsewhere in the documentation portal.
9.82021-06-21Updated various topics of the modifications guide to conform to the UI changes introduced by maintenance release 2021-06-21.

Updated the recommendations guide:

Updated the email recommendations guide:

9.62021-05-26Site maintenance updates.

Updated the email recommendations guide:

9.42021-03-29Updated .Creating and editing a recommendation strategy v11.3.

Updated Frosmo Preview instructions in:

Removed references to FProxy.

9.22021-03-16Updated .Frosmo Preview v11.0.

Updated the recommendations guide:


Updated the recommendations guide for recommendation strategies:

Removed Error tracking.


Restructured and updated the recommendations guide.

Moved the recommendation configuration documentation and the recommendation example to Developer Guides.

7.62020-10-01Added .Testing in incognito mode in Chrome v10.0.
7.52020-09-21Updated .Creating recommendations v11.0.

Updated the modifications guide:

Updated the templates guide:

7.32020-08-31Updated .Advanced tracking statistics v10.0.

Updated the conversions guide:

Updated the custom actions guide:


Updated the triggers guide:

7.02020-05-25Added .Email recommendations v11.0.

Added .Checking site status v11.4.

Updated Introduction to conversion tracking.

Updated .Developing shared code in a workspace v10.0.

Updated .Creating and managing sites v10.0.

6.92020-04-03Updated .Common problems and solutions v10.0.

Updated .Segmentation v11.0.

Updated and renamed Preview Tool to .Frosmo Preview v11.0.


Added .Developing shared code in a workspace v10.0.

Updated the placements guide:

6.62020-03-16Updated .Creating and editing a trigger v10.0.
6.52020-02-17Updated .Templates v11.0.
6.42020-02-03Updated .Modifications v11.0.
6.32020-01-10Updated modification-related documentation to conform to the new modification UI introduced in the Happy Valley release.

Updated and renamed .Multi-armed bandit optimization v11.0. The topic was previously named Optimizing modifications with the multi-armed bandit.

Updated modification-related documentation to conform to the new modification UI introduced in the Happy Valley release.


Added .Migrating from template defaults to templates v11.0.

Updated .Planning visitor journeys v11.0.


Added .Templates v11.0. This is a completely rewritten and expanded guide to content templates.

Updated .Modifications v11.0. This guide was rewritten and restructured to conform to the new modification UI and workflow introduced in the Happy Valley release.


Added new troubleshooting guides:


Updated the recommendations guide:


Updated .Creating and editing a conversion definition v11.0.

Updated .Creating and editing a trigger v10.0.


Updated the custom actions guide:


Updated the following topics to reflect the UI changes in the Goodnews Bay release:


Restructured and consolidated the documentation for better usability by grouping the guides under the following new main topics:

Moved the recommendations guide from Developer Guides to this space.

Updated the following topics to reflect the UI changes in the Goodnews Bay release:

3.112019-04-08Added .Planning visitor journeys v11.0.
3.102019-03-11Updated .Tracking custom actions v11.0.
3.92019-01-09Site maintenance updates.
3.82018-11-05Updated .Publishing a workspace v11.0.
3.72018-11-01Updated .Test mode v11.0.
3.62018-10-04Updated .Creating and managing sites v10.0.
3.52018-09-13Removed the Downloads page and the standalone PDFs.

Added Conversion definitions.

Updated .Modifications v11.0.

Updated Introduction to workspaces.


Added .Workspaces v11.0.

Added .Sites and users v10.0.

3.22018-04-25Updated Error tracking.
3.12018-04-09Updated Preview Tool.

Added Analyzing modification performance.

Added Creating and using modification templates.

Added Error tracking.

2.02018-01-10Added Conversion tracking and attribution.
1.32017-12-18Updated .Triggers v11.0.
1.22017-11-28Added .Custom actions v11.0.
1.12017-10-23Moved the standalone PDFs from the front page to the Downloads page.
1.02017-08-17First public version of this documentation.