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The Frosmo Segments for Contentful app integrates the Frosmo Platform with Contentful. The point of integration are segments, which the app makes available in Contentful through a segment selector field. You can add the field to any content type. Once added to a content type, the field allows you to attach segments to an entry of that content type. This, in turn, allows the entry to be targeted to visitors in those segments.


Figure: Integrating the Frosmo Platform with Contentful through segments (click to enlarge)

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Why use Frosmo Segments for Contentful?

  • Empower your Contentful content with Frosmo segmentation.
  • Contentful users can use Frosmo segments as part of their normal content workflow in Contentful. They do not need knowledge of or access to the Frosmo Control Panel.

How Frosmo Segments for Contentful works

Frosmo Segments for Contentful extends the built-in Array field type ("Short text, list") with a segment selector UI widget, which you can select as the appearance for an Array field. In the Contentful web app, the widget renders the Array field as a drop-down menu for selecting segments, with selected segments displayed as removable boxes below the menu.


The following figure shows the Frosmo Segments for Contentful configuration in the Contentful web app. In addition to setting up the site connection, the configuration view allows you to convert existing Array fields into segment selectors.

Frosmo Segments for Contentful configuration and field conversion in the Contentful web appImage Modified

Figure: Frosmo Segments for Contentful configuration and field conversion in the Contentful web app