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The Frosmo Platform release documentation provides information about the changes in the platform:

  • .Release notes v10.0 provide detailed information about the new features, improvements, and bug fixes in each main release. A main release always carries a name, such as "Elephant PointIron Creek".
  • .Changelog v11.1 tracks both main releases and maintenance releases. The changelog provides summary information about the changes in each maintenance release. The changelog also lists the platform component versions in each main and maintenance release.


Release name or typeRelease dateDocumentation
Latest releaseMaintenance release20202021-0111-2730.Changelog v11.1#Maintenance release (2021-11-30)
Main releaseHappy ValleyLost River20192021-11-2009

Release notes

.Changelog v11.1#Lost River (2021-11-09)