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To view the activities for a site:

  1. In the Control Panel, in the header, select the site whose activities you want to view.

    Selecting the site

  2. In the main menu, select Utilities > header, click your username, and select Activities.
  3. View the activities:
    • Enter or select the date starting from which you want to view the activities. The Control Panel shows all the activities from the selected day to the current day.

      Defining the date starting from which to view the activities

    • Optionally, filter the activities by feature type, such as modifications or placements. By default, the Control Panel shows activities for all feature types.

      Filtering the activities by feature type

    • Optionally, filter the activities by a text string. The Control Panel matches the full string against the activity headings and details.

      Filtering the activities by a text string

    • If the activities are split across multiple pages, navigate the results using the page controls.

      Navigating the results

    • To view or hide the details of an activity, click the activity heading. The details show the related configuration before and after the activity. The configuration is in JSON code.

      Viewing the details of an activity