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Supported attributes

The platform tracks can track affinity for the following item attributes out of the box:

  • Brand
  • Category

Frosmo can add affinity tracking for other attributes on request. The attributes must be strings or arrays of strings.

any item attribute whose type is string or array of strings.

The exact set of attributes tracked for affinity on a site is always separately planned and agreed with you. The platform can track up to 10 attributes for affinity per site.

For example, for a retail site, the platform might track brand, category, color, and tag for affinity. For an iGaming site, by comparison, the platform might track category, features, themes, vendor, and volatility.


The attributes tracked for affinity must be included in product tracking. If the platform does not collect the attribute data from your site, there's nothing to measure affinity against



In the Frosmo back end, category is stored as the type attribute. For more information about item attributes, see the product tracking developer guide.

Supported interactions

The platform tracks affinity based on the following types of visitor action:


To track product views and transactions on a site, product tracking and transaction tracking must be correctly set up for the site.


The Frosmo Platform automatically tracks affinities for every visitor on a site. You do not need to separately set up affinity tracking for a site. However, for the affinity tracking to work, the site must have product tracking and transaction tracking correctly set up.

Affinity tracking works as follows: