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  • Recommendation data generated from a recommendation strategy or recommendation configuration. The data consists of the details of one or more recommended items, while the strategy or configuration defines the logic and settings for generating the data. By default, the items are in descending order of rank, with the most recommended item (as defined by the algorithm) ranked highest.


    Strategies are the default and preferred way of generating recommendation data. If possible, use a strategy instead of a configuration when creating a new recommendation.

  • Template for creating the web page element for the recommendation. The template defines how the recommendation is displayed on the page. The template must:

    • Define the framing element for the recommendation. This is the static part of the recommendation: the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that together define how the recommendation looks and behaves on the page.
    • Fetch the recommendation data, and populate the element with that data. This is the dynamically generated content of the recommendation: the details of the recommended items.

    The static and dynamic parts together create the final element as displayed on the page.

  • Modification for displaying the recommendation on the page. The modification must:
    • Use the template for its content.
    • Set the content options, such as which recommendation strategy to use, defined in the template, if any.
  • Placement for determining where the modification is placed on the site: on which web pages and where on those pages.
  • Segments  and affinity groups (optional) for displaying the modification only to a specific subset of visitors. If you do not want to display the recommendation to all visitors, define one or more segments for do not assign the modification to any segments or affinity groups.

Email recommendations


Email recommendations require the Frosmo Email Recommendations add-on for the Frosmo Control Panel. To get the add-on, if you do not already have it, contact Frosmo support.