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You can find the technical release notes for this release in the Developer Hub.

The Palmdale release contains minor improvements.


Unlocking the variations of a modification

You can now define whether a given visitor is always shown the same modification variation.


  1. Open the modification settings.
  2. Select Content.
  3. Click Set variation distribution in any of the variations.
  4. Deselect Lock variations for visitors.

    Unlocking the variations of a modification 1Image Modified

  5. Click Set. The modification summary information now shows Variation lock: Off.

    Unlocking the variations of a modification 2Image Modified

  6. Click Save all.

To lock the variations again, select Lock variations for visitors. The Variation lock: Off status is removed from the modification summary information.

Other improvements

  • In the

    Frosmo Administration Panel,

    on the modifications overview page, the

    Modifications > Overview: The ID sorting option has been changed to ID (creation time). This clarifies the fact that, since IDs are assigned sequentially by creation time, sorting by ID is the same as sorting by creation time.

    Modifications overview sortImage Modified

  • The Message API, which retrieves modification content from the Frosmo back end, boasts improved speed and performance. Precisely how much faster content is retrieved depends on the web site, and the number and type of modifications, but the speed gain can be significant. The API will continue to be improved in future releases. For more information about the API, see Frosmo platform technical Technical overview. If you want to learn how the improvements affect your site, contact your Frosmo representative.