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The Frosmo Platform automatically tracks (counts) the following basic events for a modification:

  • Click: The visitor has clicked a part of the modification for which clicks are tracked, such as a button, link, or any element with the class frosmo-click. If the modification has no clickable parts, it cannot get a click.
  • Display: Frosmo Core has rendered the modification to the page. The display event does not require that the modification has been in the browser viewport and therefore visible to the visitor.
  • True display: The modification has remained visible and stationary in the browser viewport for at least 3 seconds. In addition, if the modification's width and height are both less than or equal to 300 pixels, the modification must have been fully in the viewport. If the modification's width or height is greater than 300 pixels, at least 75% of the modification must have been in the viewport.