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The Frosmo Platform tracks the following data about a visitor on a website:

  • Background data

    Information about the visitor that is not related to a specific website. For example:

    • Visitor's browser
    • Visitor's device (mobile, desktop, tablet)
    • Visitor's geolocation (on country/region/city level)
  • Behavior data

    Information about the visitor's actions on the website. For example:

    • Affinities and affinity groups
    • Content modifications the visitor has seen or clicked
    • How many times the visitor has visited the site
    • Pages the visitor has viewed
    • Products the visitor has viewed
    • When the visitor has last visited the site
    • Whether this is the visitor's first visit on the site
  • Conversion and transaction data

    Information about the visitor's actions on the website in connection with purchases and other conversions. For example:

    • Conversions the visitor has completed on the site (for example, purchases, subscriptions, reservations)
    • Products the visitor has added to their shopping cart
    • Products the visitor has purchased
    • Whether the visitor is a paying user
    • Whether the visitor is logged in
  • Account data

    Personal data collected and stored temporarily for the purpose of transferring it to the customer's back end or to third-party systems controlled by the customer. This information is collected only when explicitly agreed with the customer. For example:

    • Username
    • Email address
    • Postal address
    • Subscription type
    • Wallet balance (on gaming sites)