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In this example, a newsletter subscription on the site is registered as a conversion. This helps you to monitor the number of subscriptions and use them as a basis for personalization.You must first create

To implement the example:

  1. Create a trigger that fires every time a visitor subscribes to the newsletter


  1. .
  2. Create a conversion definition based on the trigger.

Creating the trigger

To create the trigger:

  1. In the Frosmo Control Panel, select in the sidebar, select More > Triggers.
  2. Click Create trigger.
  3. Define the following settings:

    • Name: Enter "Subscription".
    • Evaluation point: Select DOM event.
    • Event: Select Submit. This means that the trigger is evaluated once the visitor has submitted the newsletter subscription form. The event is a standard HTML DOM event.
    • Element: Enter "form". This is the selector for the page element in which the event must happen.

    Defining the trigger settings

  4. Click Save.


To create the conversion definition:

  1. In the Frosmo Control Panel, in the sidebar, select Data Management More > Conversion Definitions.
  2. Click Create conversion definition.
  3. Define the following settings:

    • Conversion name: Enter "Subscription".
    • Conversion type: Enter "Newsletter subscription". The conversion type is used to generate conversion statistics.
    • Trigger: Select the Subscription trigger you created above.


      You can save the conversion definition without selecting or creating a trigger, but you cannot activate the conversion definition unless it has a defined trigger.

    • Minimum interval between conversions (seconds): Enter "600". This means that if a visitor submits the form repeatedly, only one submission every 10 minutes is registered as a conversion.

    Defininf the conversion definition settings

  4. Click Save.
  5. In the conversion definitions list, click Activate for the conversion.