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A modification can have one or more variations. Variations are different content versions of the same modification. If a modification has only one variation, all visitors get that get that variation. If a modification has multiple variations, you can define how the variations are distributed among visitors, that is, what percentage of visitors gets which variation.

Apart from multi-armed bandit modifications, a visitor is assigned to a specific variation until they clean they clear their browser cache, open a new window in incognito mode, or visit the site from another device.


To define content for your modification, you must first create a content at least one variation. The number of variations you can create for a modification depends on the selected modification case:

A/B test


Multi-armed bandit


Personalization1The variation is pre-created with the modification, and you can modify it, but not remove it.

The variation is pre-created with the modification, and you can modify it, but not remove it.

This case is only available when selective profiling is enabled for the site.

By default, the Frosmo Platform automatically places 10% of all visitors are automatically included in a comparison group that will get see the original content of a web page, not the modificationthe modifications. To disable the comparison group for the your modification, deactivate the comparison group variation. Non-personalized modifications do not have a comparison group variation.

To create a variation:

  1. In the Basic settings view, click Create variation.

    Creating a variation


    If the modification case is Personalization, the modification can only have a single variation. The variation is pre-created with the modification. You cannot add more variations.

  2. Define the content type and content settings for the variation.
  3. When you're done, click Save.