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  • Modify existing content, such as banners.
  • Show personalized content based on the visitor's behavior or context.
  • Add new content, such as product recommendations or content generated from data feeds.
  • Remove unnecessary content, such as distracting elements, site navigation elements in shopping carts, or surplus elements in mobile-optimized layouts.
  • Test the layout and styling of and element or a page.

You have two main options for developing define modification content (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) :

Frosmo Control Panel


in the Frosmo Control Panel. The only tool you need is a browser running the Control Panel. You can create content templates that allow you to define content once and then reuse that content across multiple modifications. Optionally, you can customize the content for each modification based on content options defined in the templates



You use FProxy to download the content to your local file system, edit the content in any source code editor, and use FProxy to upload the content back to the Frosmo Platform. You can manage the downloaded content files with any version control system.

The Control Panel is the simpler way to develop modification content, but FProxy gives you more options for using your own tools and processes, especially if you're a software developer. This guide focuses on the Control Panel. For more information about FProxy, see FProxy.

Before you start working with modifications, see: