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In the Frosmo context, a modification is a real-time change to a web page designed to improve the usability and user experience of the website and guide visitors to complete a conversion. For example, modifications can be used to improve the sales funnel of an eCommerce siteecommerce site, leading to an increased conversion rate. In technical terms, a modification is a managed piece of code that changes the content, appearance, or behavior of a page directly in the visitor's browser. The code can consist of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, in any combination.


Frosmo Platform administrators manage modifications in the Control Panel.In terms of graphics and other media, Frosmo prefers to use the existing content on the site or content procured by the customer through their own CMS system. Customers deliver the content to Frosmo by providing us with access to their content management system (CMS). The Frosmo team then adds the content to the site using the Control Panel.

For more information about modifications and related features, see Modifications.

Conversion and transaction tracking

A conversion is an action you want your website visitors to take, such as purchasing a product, signing up for a newsletter, downloading a brochure, or watching a video. You can define a conversion to be basically any variable in visitor behavior that you want to measure.

The Frosmo Platform counts purchase-related conversions on a transaction basis. The platform counts each transaction, a completed purchase of one or more products, as a single conversion.

Example: A visitor of an online book seller adds five different books to their shopping cart, with two copies of one book, for a total of six items. The visitor proceeds to checkout and completes a purchase of all six items. The Frosmo Platform counts the purchase – a transaction – as a single conversion. The visitor then adds one more book to their now-empty cart and completes another purchase. The Frosmo Platform counts the second purchase of a single item as a single conversion, too.

For more information about how conversions are attributed to modifications, see Conversion tracking and attribution and Conversion definitionsIntroduction to conversion tracking.

Data collection and storage