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This document provides a technical overview of the architecture and key features of the Frosmo Platform. For a high-level introduction to what the platform offers, see see Introduction to the Frosmo Platform.

Table of Contents

Frosmo Platform at a glance

The Frosmo Platform is a web UI development solution for improving website functionality and personalizing online user experience.

The following figure introduces the basic architecture and information flows of the Frosmo Platform.

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Figure: Frosmo Platform architecture and information flows at a glance

In a nutshell:



Frosmo Platform


Frosmo Platform architecture

The following figure shows the main components and subcomponents of the Frosmo Platform architecture and the information flows between them.

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Figure: Frosmo Platform architecture and information flows in detail

For more information, see:


  • The Frosmo Core library implements the core functionality and services of the Frosmo JavaScript solution. The library manages modifications and segmentation, collects usage data, and fetches modification content from the back end. The library is the same for all customers and sites.
  • The Frosmo custom script contains the configurations and custom code specific to a single site. These are used to modify the content and functionality of the site. The configurations include, for example, cached modifications, placements, segments, and triggers. The custom script runs on top of Frosmo Core and is unique to each site (or group of sites managed as a single site). Changes  Changes made to a site in the Control Panel are automatically reflected in the custom script for that site.


The Graniitti API provides secure access to the data in the Frosmo back end. The API allows client applications to, for example, retrieve and create modifications, and retrieve usage data collected by the Frosmo Platform.


  • Provide data to custom dashboards and management UIs.
  • Provide an outside access point to usage data that is collected and stored by the Frosmo Platform.

The API uses token-based authentication for all requests.

For more information, see Graniitti API.


  • Implement product recommendations based on product tracking data retrieved from the Frosmo back end or from a customer's feed, or both.
  • Return specialized data to the browser, such as data stored in a customer's back-end system or data read from a feed.
  • Send data to another service, such as email addresses to a mailing list for marketing automation purposes.

Frosmo Platform servers

The Frosmo Platform is hosted on multiple regional servers for improved availability. A customer's site is typically hosted on the server geographically closest to the majority of the site's visitors.

Frosmo has regional servers for:

  • Americas
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Finland


In the Frosmo context, a modification is a real-time change to a web page designed to improve the usability and user experience of the website and guide visitors to complete a conversion. For example, modifications can be used to improve the sales funnel of an eCommerce site, leading to an increased conversion rate. In technical terms, a modification is a managed piece of code that changes the content, appearance, or behavior of a page directly in the visitor's browser. The code can consist of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, in any combination.


  • Analytics tools. If you want to use a separate web analytics tool, you should integrate it with the Frosmo Platform, since changes made to your site with Frosmo are not, by default, included in 3rd-party web analytics tracking. Integration ensures that you have a clear understanding of what is happening on your site.
  • Marketing automation systems. The Frosmo Platform can gather and process segmentation and visitor data for marketing automation systems, which can then use the data to target the appropriate audiences. You can set up integrations with, for example, ad platforms and email services.
  • Data management platforms. As with many other systems, extracting useful data from DMPs can be laborious and requires the use of multiple APIs. The Frosmo Platform can be used as a master API, an interface for all data calls between a DMP and a site.

The Frosmo Platform can integrate with, for example, the following ad platforms:

  • Adform
  • Adtech
  • DoubleClick
  • Emediate
  • Google AdWords
  • KliKKi

For more information about integrations, see System and service integrations.


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