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  1. Set goals based on what your pain points are, and define hypotheses on how to best address those pain points.
  2. Develop your site to achieve the goals:
    1. Get data about your visitors to decide what is the best route to reach your goals.
    2. Define your audiences, and implement segmentation.
    3. Carefully test your ideas, so that you can determine which ideas provide your visitors with an experience that benefits you both. Keep your goals in mind.
    4. Turn the best ideas into  personalized visitor journeys.
  3. Analyze the results to see whether you are moving in the right direction.


Frosmo provides the following types of modifications:

  • A/B test: Create two or more content variations to test which variation performs best.
  • Multi-armed bandit: Select a multi-armed bandit algorithm that automatically decides the best-performing content variation and adjusts the variation distribution accordingly. For more information, see Optimizing modifications with the multiMulti-armed bandit optimization.
  • Personalization: Create a single piece of content that you can personalize.