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  1. In the Frosmo Control Panel, in the header, click your username, and select Company.
  2. In the companies and sites list, find the company for which you want to create the site. To filter the list, start typing the company name in the search field.
  3. Click the quick menu button for the company, and select Create site.

    Creating a site

  4. Define the site settings:

    • Site URL: Enter the complete URL for the site (for example, ""). You can also edit the URL after you've created the site. As a rule, this URL also determines the site name ("origin") used to identify the site in the site's custom script and in the Frosmo back end.


      Do not use the site's IP address, as the platform does not accept IP addresses as URLs.


      Editing the URL after creating the site does not change the site name.


      On request, the site name can also be hashed (for example, "ac298a631da428dad32b0ba787ec0775").

    • Vertical: Select the business vertical to which the site belongs. The vertical determines the page types available for placements and recommendation strategies on the site.
    • Shared context: Enable this feature only if your website contains multiple domains or uses multiple protocols, and if you want to track visitors across the different domains and/or protocols (for example, and, or and To enable this feature, click Enable. You cannot enable or disable this feature after you've created the site. For more information about this feature, see Context and shared context.


      Do not enable this feature just in case you might need it in the future. The feature can have a minor negative impact on page load times. If you do not currently need the feature, keep it disabled, and if you then later find that you need it, contact Frosmo support and request that they enable it.

    • Frosmo status: Toggle the Frosmo Platform on or off for the site by clicking Frosmo on / Frosmo off. You can also switch the platform on or off after you've created the site.


      When the platform is switched off for the site, visitors will not get any content or user experience improvements delivered through the platform, and the platform will not track any data on the site.

    Defining the site settings

  5. When you're done, click Create.
  6. If you need to enable specific modules for the site, contact Frosmo support. By default, a new site has no modules enabled. For more information about the modules, see Viewing site modules.