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Tracking for basic custom actions can be implemented as follows:

  • In the site source code or in shared code using the Frosmo data layer. If you want to implement the tracking yourself, use the data layer to trigger custom actions directly from your site source code or from shared code. For instructions, see the custom action tracking developer guide.
  • In the Frosmo custom script using custom code. This type of tracking is always implemented by Frosmo developers. If you do not implement the tracking yourself, Frosmo developers do it for you through your site's custom script.
  • In modification content or shared code using Frosmo Core. This type of tracking is always implemented by Frosmo developers, since it requires knowledge of the Frosmo Core library. Triggering custom actions from a modification or a piece of shared code can be a useful alternative to triggering them from custom code, but even here part of the tracking is usually implemented in custom code.