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To list all available FProxy CLI commands, open Bashyour terminal, and run fproxy help.

FProxy CLI commands


downloadDownload modification content (including associated templates and template defaults, if defined) from the Frosmo back end to your local file system.fproxy download <site_directory> <modification_id|all> [–debug] [--debugforce]
helpDisplay usage information for the FProxy CLI. If you want to display usage information for a specific FProxy CLI command, include the command as a parameter (for example, fproxy help init).fproxy help [<command>] [--debug]
initInitialize a sites directory for a site.fproxy init [--debug]
pruneClean up the FProxy configuration by removing the settings for deleted sites and site directories.fproxy prune [--debug]
server restart

Restart the FProxy server.

Use this command if the server becomes slow, for example, after running continuously for days or weeks.

fproxy server restart [--polling=<refresh_ms>] [--debug]
server startStart the FProxy server.fproxy server start [--polling=<refresh_ms>] [--debug]
server statusCheck whether the FProxy server is running or stopped.fproxy server status [--polling=<refresh_ms>] [--debug]
server stopStop the FProxy server.fproxy server stop [--polling=<refresh_ms>] [--debug]
uploadUpload modification content (including associated templates and template defaults, if defined) from your local file system to the Frosmo back end.fproxy upload <site_directory> <modification_id> [--debug]
versionDisplay your FProxy version.fproxy version [--debug]
watchMonitor for changes in your downloaded modification content, and automatically upload changed files to the Frosmo back end.fproxy watch <site_directory> [--debug]


--debugDisplay verbose debugging information.All
--forceOverwrite local content files without prompting.fproxy download

Defines how often (in milliseconds) the FProxy server checks the Frosmo back end and the local file system for modification content changes when hot reloading is enabled.

The default value is 500 (0.5 seconds).

fproxy server restart

fproxy server start

fproxy server stop